My City, My Art

‘My City, My Art’ is a web-enabled (un)conference pairing artists in the twin cities of Coventry and Volgograd to inspire partnership, the development of new work and identify the potential for exchanges.

Part One:            8 Pecha Kucha style presentations, 4 from each city.
Part Two:            Skype-enabled twin city matchmaking event based around 8 artists’ 60 second introductory video clips.

When: 1 March 2016 15:00 – 17.00 [DOORS AT 14.30] FREE ENTRY
Where: The Tin Music & Arts, Canal Basin, Coventry

For artists, and those interested in the way cities inspire them – please join us! There will be food provided and the venue will stay open for artists to socialise afterwards.

Produced by Talking Birds in association with Pecha Kucha Coventry

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